Allen Cook is a multifarious musician with a wide range of influences and abilities. Vocalist. Piano/Keyboardist. Guitarist. Performer. Songwriter. Composer. Piano Tuner / Technician. 

Described as having a ‘high originality index’, the names Al Jarreau, Sting, Stevie Wonder, and Bill Withers come to mind about his stylistic approach. Having performed in a wide variety of situations as a sideman and leader has made him very capable to quickly blend with other musicians in most any situation and musical style. 

As an artist in his own right, Allen was called in to re-arrange & compose additional music, and also serve as musical director (MD) for the theater production of WINTERGLOW’, performed at the Morton Theater in Athens, GA. in February 2019, in coordination with the creative team at The Classic Center in Athens, GA.

One of his most recent projects was composer and music director for the stage production of LINNENTOWN The Musical’ which made its first appearance April 2024 at The Classic Center. Stay tuned. There is talk of making this an annual event.

While staying busy as a piano tuner / technician in homes, teaching & recording studios, churches, etc, you can find him making music in the role of lead singer in ‘The Weekend Getaway Band’... (performing ‘What’s Goin’ On) (performing ‘Struttin’ by Allen Cook)

...and as the male lead singer in the ‘3rd Stream Big Band’: The big band performed both ‘Ray Charles’ and ‘Stevie Wonder’ tributes at the Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth. The group is on the calendar for an upcoming Motown tribute, and a Christmas show later this year. Exciting times for the maestro. (performing ‘Unchain My Heart’ by Ray Charles) (Stevie Wonder show)

In the midst of regularly performing in that wide variety of musical situations spoken of, he continues to write and record his own music.