Multifarious Musician. Vocalist. Piano/Keyboardist. Guitarist. Performer. Songwriter. Composer. Educator. Piano Tuner / Technician.

Musician for Special Events (solo or group), shows, concerts, studio recording. Substitute musician for most genres including pop, funk, blues, old school & modern R&B, (jazz (traditional straight & smooth). 

Equipped to record vocal and/or instrumental tracks remotely, in addition to teaching piano & guitar through various online platforms. Please Contact me to discuss your needs.

Music arranging & composing for theater productions (please follow "WINTERGLOW" link to 9:00 & 11:15 minute marks, or watch its entirety). "LINNENTOWN" is currently in production stages, tentatively scheduled to be performed at The Classic Center in Spring of 2024.

Lead singer for The Weekend getaway Band:

Also, male lead singer for the ‘3rd Stream Big Band: Follow the link to see highlights of the recent show recognizing the musical accomplishments and legacy of the one and only Ray Charles!

Please see Calendar for upcoming performances.