So glad you're here. Thank you so much for dropping by. 

"The highest purpose of the arts is to entertain, enlighten, inspire, evoke emotion, and change an audience in some way." I don't recall where I read it. I can't take credit for it. But being so right on, I had to share it. 

Imagine the world without music. Let that sink in for a moment... 

A musical performance, whether background ambiance, or a full blown concert production, is essentially a combination product/service with an invaluable intangible. How you measure that value, whether good or bad, is realized somewhere along the timeline of the performance until the end. Ask yourself: were entertained, enlightened, inspired, evoked, etc?

Technology has certainly changed the way we experience music. There are more options available for how we learn and purchase it. In spite of these advancements, music is here to stay! I'm glad to have been given this gift to share. And thankfully, there will always music lovers and supporters like you. So, here's a great big "Thank You!"

With that said, I look forward to being of service to you in some way or another.

Thanks again for dropping by The Official Website of musician, vocalist, keyboardist, guitarist, songwriter, performer, piano tuner/technician Allen Cook. Be well!