How Many Tuning Pins In Your Piano?

Have you ever wondered why it takes that technician so long to tune your piano? Well, it's because there are lots of pins to adjust. How many? Here's a six step method to find out without counting each pin. It'll take about five minutes for you to find out. 1st-count the number of single bass strings; write that number down. 2nd-count the total number of notes that have duos, or two strings. 3rd-multiply that number by two to arrive at the number of pins in the duo section. 4th-now add number of notes that have singles and duos together; subtract that number from 88 to arrive at the number of remaining notes that have trios. You can count them if you want but this method is faster: 5th-multiply that number by three. 6th-add the singles, duos and trios pin quantities together. What number did you get? Share your results. Also, what kind of piano do you have: spinet, console, studio, grand, etc. Have fun! Note: we're counting tuning pins, not strings. That's a whole 'nuther thang.


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