Greetings! This page contains articles and info about my experiences as a musician and teacher. Most of it is geared toward beginners. But whatever level you're on, please, take a look. You may find something useful that can help you and/or someone else. Check back often. New lessons are regularly being added. For questions and comments, Click Here. You'll be directed to the Contact Page

The Cost and Price of Music Lessons Money isn't the only thing to consider when it comes to taking lessons. For your consideration... 65 KB
Keyboard Note Names and Chromatic Scale For beginners: learn how to remember the names of the notes on the piano keyboard once and for all. Contains a bonus lesson. 81.5 KB
Guitar Triads Primer in C Major For beginners, this primer focuses on the C Major triad and its inversions, using a piano approach to learn triads on the four strings sets. 1.65 MB