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I've been a piano technician/tuner since 2001. I offer free pre-purchase consultations to anyone in need of an instrument. Getting a good piano that's also good enough to play well on is very important. Parents often find themselves caught between a rock and a hard place when choosing a piano. Making such a substantial purchase before the student has proven their commitment is a tough call. Thus, the "free" piano option found online or from a friend is very appealing. I encourage anyone to approach this area with extreme caution. Many of these "free" instruments are too worn out to play well on, not worth repairing, and/or too expensive to repair. It should first be inspected, just like a car is inspected by a mechanic before purchase. All too often, far too many simply take their chances due to a sense of urgency. Some very mistakenly buy on external appearance only. A thorough inspection of the condition of the parts on the inside is what matters most, and needs to be seen! 

Pianos can be refurbished or totally restored, but it's expensive and often cost prohibitive. An older worn out piano usually isn't worth that kind of expense unless "sentimental value" rules, and the necessary resources are available. And if it is to be refurbished, the question becomes, "will anybody in the family really play it often enough to justify the expense, and take on the responsibility of moving it, maintaining it, etc"? 

In spite of the piano industry having undergone many changes in recent years, there are plenty of folks who prefer the sound, look and feel of a genuine acoustic piano versus the digital variety. I don't have statistics on the current level of interest in the serious study of the piano. It sure seems that there's been a decrease in the number of students who seriously pursue the piano literature of the great composers. The more popular easy styles heard online and radio are undoubtedly more accessible and just as enjoyable to play. In most situations, a digital piano is a good option for this type of student. However, there are still countless pianos out there waiting for someone to bring forth the music! 

With that said, your piano should be on a regular maintenance schedule. At least one tuning every 8 to 12 months is recommended. Temperature and humidity are the main variables that affect tuning, among other things. If it sits for long periods of time, it will go out of tune, and possibly drop drastically in pitch. 

I have a free 21-page document waiting for you that goes into more detail about these and other piano tech related topics. It would be my pleasure to send it to you! Contact me here.