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Since 2001

People often ask, "what's the best piano?" My answer: the one that "speaks" to your soul...when you play it, you can feel it! You may need to play lots of pianos to find 'the one'. There a dozens of brands of pianos out there. When buying used, exercise caution. Generally speaking, a piano is only as good as the maintenance it regularly gets, keyword 'regularly'. Get a technician to inspect it before you buy. Then, get it checked and tuned at least once a year as a rule of thumb. For more in-depth information, click the link below to get your free copy of my booklet "The Piano: A Look Under the Hood".

Acoustic or Digital: Which Should You Get? Discusses pros and cons and other particulars regarding selecting a piano for your home and its intended use. 41.3 KB
The Piano: A Look Under the Hood A reference booklet for first time buyers, piano owners, teachers, students and enthusiasts. It covers types of pianos, maintenance basics, the effects of humidity and temperature on tuning and overall integrity. Includes photos, a pitch chart, and more. Free pdf download. 9.81 MB